Book on SC verdicts on women trafficking launched

Kathmandu, July 4:

Minister of State for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Urmila Aryal, today said women’s right to parental property and the provision by which one can get citizenship through a woman’s name make them socially and economically strong. This will help reduce trafficking of girls to neighbouring countries.

Aryal was speaking at a programme organised to launch a book, ‘Compilation of Supreme Court verdicts on Human Trafficking,’ published by The Daywalka Foundation here today.

“Women sentiments, ideologies and views are not given due respect in our society. When girls are deprived of education, property, food and citizenship rights, they are misled and trafficked,” Aryal said.

She said the law enforcing agencies and the political parties must be gender sensitive to prevent trafficking.

Attorney General Yagyamurti Banjade said: “The compilation shows that financial backwardness and illiteracy has led to human trafficking.”

He was of the view that adequate preventive measures should be taken to prevent trafficking of girls.

Sharada Shrestha, a Justice of the Supreme Court, said that though the judiciary has made a remarkable contribution in handling cases related to human trafficking, there is no provision to compensate the victims.