‘Budget allocated for research inadequate’

Kathmandu, April 11

Minister of State for Health and Population Padma Kumari Aryal today inaugurated the fourth National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal.

The summit, which will conclude on April 12, is being organised by Nepal Health Research Council.

Minister Aryal said although the government had prioritised research, budget allocated for the purpose was inadequate.

Dr Sushil Nath Pyakurel, chief specialist at Ministry of Health and Population, said research contents provided by

the council to the government from time to time had helped the government make informed and sustainable planning for reforms in the health sector.

“Earlier, the number of patients of water-borne and communicable diseases used to be higher, but the trend has changed now. Through research we have come to learn that the number of people suffering from non-communicable diseases is also on the rise. So, the government should now focus on preventive and curative measures.”

Dr Mrigendra Raj Pandey, emeritus chairperson of the council, said research was still not prioritised in Nepal. “We should develop research culture in the country,” he added.

The summit is an annual event where health and population experts and scientists of Nepal come together and discuss contemporary status as well as the development and progress to be made in the health sector.