‘Budget implementation top priority’

Bhaktapur, June 22

Madhyapur Thimi Municipality has unveiled its policies and programmes, announcing that it would celebrate the upcoming fiscal as a ‘special year for budget implementation’.

The municipality has brought a special plan with the slogan ‘Our Art, Our Culture: Madhyapur Thimi Our Property’ for the preservation of the local art and heritages.

Mayor Madan Sundar Shrestha said he would give top priority to budget implementation.

Similarly, the policies and programmes envisage formulation of an integrated master plan for construction of roads and reconstruction of the cultural and historical monuments.

The municipality has allocated budget for the construction of multi-cultural and historical gates at five different locations in the municipality and also for building the municipality’s administrative and ward office buildings.

All the structures would be disabled- and child-friendly. The policies and programmes also state that the municipality would operate a land pooling project for settlement development.

The municipality will make the process of getting land and house blue print approved simpler, systematic and transparent.

Mayor Shrestha also said that any structure constructed without approval of the municipality would be dismantled.

According to the municipality’s administrative officer Kamal Gyawali, they have also introduced programmes to protect public land, improve water supply, manage solid waste and increase greenery.

The municipality also plans to instal solar street lights and CCTV cameras to improve security. In addition, one health post each will be constructed in each ward of the municipality, state the programmes and policies.