CA votes on fundamental rights-related articles

KATHMANDU: The Constituent Assembly is voting on different clauses of the draft constitution on Monday.

Currently, the articles in the charter's third part, which deals with fundamental rights and duties, have been put on vote.

Before CA Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang adjourned the meeting for an hour, Articles 16-24 were endorsed with a two-third majority.

The Articles respectively deal with the right to live with dignity, right to freedom, right to equality, rights to communication, rights to justice, right of victim of crime, right against torture, right against preventive detention, rights against untouchability and discrimination, right to property, right to religious freedom, right to freedom, right to information, right to privacy, rights against exploitation, rights regarding clean environment, rights to education, rights to language and culture, rights to employment, rights regarding labour, right to healthcare, right to food, right to housing, right of women, rights of children, rights of dalits, rights of senior citizens, right to social justice, right to social security, right of consumers,rights against exile, rights to constitutional remedy, implementation of fundamental rights, and duties of citizens respectively.

Earlier, the CA rejected various amendment proposals related to the aforementioned Articles, registered by lawmakers of fringe parties.

Some proposals jointly registered by Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maoist were endorsed during the voting.

The meeting is scheduled to resume at 2:30 pm.