CA panel for consensus, transparency

KATHMANDU: A meeting of senior Constituent Assembly (CA) members, who represent the Committee on Judiciary, decided to finalise contentious issues within a week by forging a consensus or following transparent and due procedure of voting.

Both the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML members had raised objection after Prabhu Jha. chief, Committee on Judiciary, announced an arbitrary decision on an issue yesterday.

Radheshyam Adhikari, NC CA member, said that consensus would be the guiding force from now on. Maoist and non-Maoist members stand divided on the appointment of judges and interpretation of legal and constitutional matters. There are divergent views as far as the provision of the new statute is concerned.

Earlier, a meeting of the committee that dwelt on the issue of whether to appoint the CJ only from SC judges or nominate from other courts as well ended inconclusively.