Cabinet sitting on local governance law

KATHMANDU: A month after the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) has tabled the amended draft of the Local Self-Governance Regulation 1999 to the cabinet for approval, the latter is yet to approve it.

“The amended draft

of the regulation was tabled a month ago but the cabinet is yet to approve it,” said Indu Ghimire, joint-spokesperson for the MoLD.

When approved, the amended regulation

will address the demands of the local body staff,

she added.

The staffers, who were appointed by the local bodies, took to streets six months ago demanding that the government provide them the facilities commensurate with those enjoyed by civil servants.

The staffs who were on contract, demanded pay scale and facilities on par with the civil servants and a provision for pension, promotion, inter-bodies transfer, reservation

quota, and a permanent contract.

“They postponed all their protest programmes about seven weeks ago

after the draft of the

regulation was prepared,” said Ghimire., adding,

“We are waiting for the cabinet approval.”

“With the exception of pension, the amended regulation addresses majority of their demands,” said Under-Secretary Prem Prakash Uprety, chief of the Personnel Administration Division under the MoLD.

Under the amended regulation, the local

body staff would enjoy facilities prescribed under the Civil Service Act, Article 24-D (1), according to the MoLD.

There are an estimated 25,000 employees in

the local bodies across the nation. There are 58

municipalities, 75 district development committees and 3,915 village development committees under the local bodies across

the nation.