Cadastral map blueprint blues

Kathmandu, June 22:

The ammonia printing technique widely used by the Survey Department to provide copies of cadastral maps often fail when the day is dull.

Mrigendra Bhurtel, who visited the Kathmandu district land survey office in Dillibazaar, said: “Why does not the government use a newer and better printing technology?” he wondered.

“We have no alternate technology to print maps on dull days. We just tell people to come the next day,” said Shree Krishna Shrestha, an office helper who was busy developing blue prints.

“The technology was introduced in Nepal in 2022 BS. Once we tried out the electrical printing technology but the quality of the map was not good so we again switched to the ammonia printing technology,” he said.

Raja Ram Chatkulli, director general at Department of Survey, said: “We are trying to improve the map printing technology but we need adequate financial support from the government. How can we improve the technology with the meagre budget marked for us?” he asked.

Krishna Hari Baral, joint-secretary at Ministry of Finance, said, “We can give financial support to the government offices. But they should tell us their problems. We can talk and decide what to do to improve the services.”