Call for politics of consensus

Kathmandu, May 13:

Twenty-two civil socities today stressed on the need for a political consensus to take the ongoing peace process to a logical conclusion and draft the new constitution on time to respect people’s aspiration from democracy.

Organising a press meet here today, more than the civil societies expressed concern about the present political crisis. They added that the present political crisis was hampering the peace process.

Addressing the meet, Dr Netra Prasad Timilsena, president of the NGO Federation, requested all concerned to end the political crisis through national consensus.

The civil societies added that the present crisis could have been averted had the UCPN-Maoist sought national consensus to sack Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal.

“We are expecting constitutional remedy from the Supreme Court on the issue,” Dr Timilsena added. He condemned the Maoist leaders for threatening to supporters of other political parties.

The civil societies demanded all concerned to respect constitutional supremacy and maintained that army could not be the source of power.

They also called upon the political parties to shed their vested interests and form the unity government on the basis of national consensus.

“Foreign intervention in our internal affairs is aggravating the political situation here. The foreign diplomatic missions should help take the peace process to a logical conclusion rather than meddling with our domestic affairs,” Dr Timlisena said.

He also urged the political parties to take initiative in resuming the House proceedings and resolving the issues through dialogue.

Sharmila Karki, general secretary, NGO Federation, said both the prime minister and the President were equally responsible for the present crisis.