Call to monitor, reduce human-wildlife conflict

Kathmandu, April 19

Stakeholders have stressed on the need to check human atrocity towards the wildlife surrounding national parks, conservation areas and reserves.

Speaking at an event held as a part of the 22nd Wildlife Week, Ghanashyam Gurung, senior programme director at World Wildlife Fund Nepal, underscored the need for conserving wildlife which are Nepal’s primary tourist attraction.

Karun Shakya, professor at Tribhuvan University, also emphasised on the importance of conserving wildlife, which are considered important in attracting tourists and contributing to education and related-field research.

In response, Man Bahadur Khadka, director general at Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation said the number of wildlife had increased in national parks, wildlife conservation areas and reserves lately.

“Government employees under the Ministry of Forest, Nepal Army and various organisations have contributed a lot to that end,” said Khadka. He also said that the next step would prioritise plans to control the increasing conflict between humans and wildlife inside and outside the areas surrounding national parks, wildlife conservation areas.

On account of wildlife week, programmes are being held from April 14-20.