Call to amend citizenship provisions

Kathmandu, December 9

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has recommended that the government of Nepal amend ‘discriminatory’ provision in the constitution regarding nationality and citizenship issues and submit a report to CEDAW Committee within two years.

Nepal had presented a Shadow Report on Sixth Periodic Report on CEDAW in the 71st session of CEDAW, which was held in Geneva in the last week of October.

Speaking at press meet organised here today, joint secretary Radhika Aryal, who is one of the members of the Nepali delegation, said CEDAW Committee had recommended amendment to all discriminatory provisions regarding citizenship to ensure that Nepali women could transmit their nationality to their children, as well as to their foreign spouses.

It has also recommended repealing all remaining legal provisions that discriminate against women, particularly in the areas of nationality, distribution of martial property upon divorce and access to employment abroad. It has recommended repealing the statute of limitations on the registration of sexual violence cases; providing mandatory training through the National Judicial Academy to all members of the judiciary, including members of judicial committees and law enforcement officers.

Likewise, CEDAW has recommended strengthening the mandate of the National Human Rights Commission for the protection of civic space and the promotion of civil society engagement; revising the draft National Integrity and Ethics Policy, the Privacy Policy and the draft Online Media Directives and amending the Electronic Transactions Act, as well as National Broadcasting Regulations, in consultation with the NHRC and civil society.