Call to protect Haliyas’ rights

Kathmandu, August 31:

International Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development (INHURED) today called the government to protect Haliyas’ right to education, health, shelter and


In a press statement, it urged the government to immediately guarantee the rights of Haliyas, who have been staging a sit-in at Maitighar Mandala in the city for the past 11 days.

The international body said Haliya tradition violates the principle of human rights.

“Haliya tradition violates the Interim Constitution

of Nepal-2007, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-1948, Civil Rights Act-2012 and Land Reforms Act-1964. A Chapter of Anti-Trafficking in Civil Code-1963 and the Kamaiya Labour Act-2001 has guaranteed the rights of Haliyas,” the statement stated.