Call to put an end to discrimination of all forms in new constitution

KATHMANDU; Speakers at a programme held here today demanded an end to all kinds of discrimination while drafting the new constitution.

Dr Om Gurung, chairperson of the Adibasi/Janajati Suchikaran Samiti, said racism was a cultural

phenomenon fuelled by

cultural discrimination. He added that colonial system promoted racial discrimination victimising minority communities.

Addressing a programme organised to mark International Day against Racial Discrimination by Centre for Constitutional Dialogue and Jana Utthan Pratisthan, Gurung said the state should respect and recognise the rights of indigenous people and compensate the victims by framing special laws.

“National Policy should ensure social inclusion by adopting proportional representation,” advocated Gurung. He added that racial, religious and all forms of discrimination should be eliminated and the new constitution should accept social diversity. He added that the state should honestly implement UN declaration on Indigenous People and ILO Convention.

Yam Bahadur Kisan, former member, National Dalit Commission, said the constitution should guarantee rights against racial discrimination. He advocated framing an inclusive policy to ensure social, cultural, economic and political rights to the marginalised people. He mooted new legal system for empowering the discriminated groups.

Nayan Kala Thapa, chairperson of National Women Commission, said people would not accept any kind of discrimination.

Dr KB Rokaya, member of the National Human Rights Commission, said feudal structure of the society, capitalist concept and fatalism were the main causes of discrimination.

March 21 is marked as International Day against Racial Discrimination

every year.