Campaign against cholera from today

Kathmandu, September 3:

To fight against cholera epidemic, organisations working in water and sanitation sectors are going to launch a door-to-door awareness drive in the Valley.

In association with the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, UNICEF, UN-HABITAT and Guthi, the two-week progarmme is beginning tomorrow.

The campaign will include door-to-door awareness on the use of water purification methods recommended by the WHO — boiling, chlorination, filtration and SODIS — to make water potable.

Chlorine will be distributed to impoverished communities for water treatment. Anil Sthapit, director of the Guthi, said the campaign was necessary as drinking water supplied in the Valley was not completely healthy and many people do not use the purification methods before drinking.

He added the distribution of chlorine would be focused on small eateries, which do not bother about purifying the drinking water.

Major focus will be on chlorination of water as it is cheapest and most feasible method to purify, said the director of the Guthi.