Campaign to ensure pedestrian safety on Kathmandu roads

KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has launched a campaign with an objective to ensure pedestrian safety on Kathmandu roads.

The Pedestrian Safety Campaign has begun today, according to a statement issued by the MTPD.

The campaign was launched as both pedestrians and vehicles were responsible for most road accidents in Kathmandu, the statement said.

The campaign would encourage pedestrian to use zebra crossing while crossing roads and vehicles to priortise safety of pedestrians while they would be crossing the roads.

Under the campaign, the vehicles would not be allowed to let passengers take on or off the vehicles except at designated stations.

Meanwhile, the MTPD also launched an SMS service to address the complaints traffic police receive from members of the public.

One can send text messages to the cell number 9851297100, if they would be forced to pay more than the fixed transport fare and would not be given discounts they deserve, according to police.