MADHYAPUR THIMI: After a lull of three years, the Sanothimi Campus in Bhaktapur is finally going to announce the result of the much-awaited scholarship award. The campus is announcing the list of winners tomorrow amidst a function.
The campus took the decision after the students locked up key officials of the campus. A meeting held yesterday between the students and the campus officials finally ended the dispute.
The Free Student Union (FSU) yesterday afternoon locked up Chief Jagat Krishna Pokharel, the Campus Chief, Shyam Sundar Joshi, the accountant, and the coordinator and members of the scholarship selection committee. They were released at midnight.
"Campus administration was not positive about publising the list of the scholarships winners even after we pressed them for 11th time, that's why we locked them up, Birendra Basnet, president of FSU, Sanothimi Campus, told The Himalayan Times.
"We set them free at mid-night yesterday after they agreed to publish the results," he added.
A total of 736 students from different levels had applied for the scholarship. Of them, names of 500 students will be announced tomorrow. Each year 72 students at the intermediate and bachelors level receive the scholarship.