Capital Briefs

Reports discussed

KATHMANDU: The sub-committee constituted by the Natural Means and Resources Committee of the Parliament to study the quarrying and export of stones, sand and pebbles from Chure and Bhawar area at its meeting on Friday discussed the reports prepared by different teams. At the meeting, MP Prithvi Subba Gurung presented the report of the eastern region, MP Ratna Gurung the report of the central region and MP Amritlal Rajbanshi the report of the western region.

Kirant body's demand

KATHMANDU: The Wallo Kirant Sanghiya Rajya Parishad has alleged the proposal of 14 states will undermine the existence of the Kiranti people. The Parishad opposed the creation of the Sunkosi state and demanded establishment of Wallo Kirant autonomous state. Speaking at a press conference organised by the the Parishad here today, its president Man Prasad Sunuwar said the area inhabited by the Kiranti people is 11,500 square kilometres and the area should be declared as Kirant autonomous state. He warned of launching a stir if the government did not fulfil their demands.

MoU signed

KATHMANDU: An agreement on Korean language for Nepali workers going to Korea for work was reached here on Friday between the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management and the Government of South Korea. Director General of the Department of Labour, Mohan Krishna Sapkota and Chairperson of Human Resources Development Institute of Korea, Yu Zi Sub signed the MoU. The agreement includes among others provisions to issue a public notice to send workers to Korea, determination of examinations fees, filling up forms, determination of examination centre, examination officials, testing and results. On the occasion.