CCTV cameras aiding cops in checking crimes

Kathmandu, December 22:

The closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed in 11 places around Singhadurbar have been helping police to control and investigate crime-related activities.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner AIG Hem Bahadur Gurung today said that the installation of 11 CCTV cameras at Maitighar, Singhadurbar and Putalisadak have helped police personnel in maintaining peace and security in the city.

Gurung said: “The CCTV cameras were installed in Singhadurbar as a pilot project with an objective to protect the area surrounding it from criminal activities in the first phase,” adding: “We are achieving the expected result as criminal activities have been controlled to a great extent, at least around the Singhadurbar area.”

“The installation of the CCTV cameras has largely supported in traffic management by deploying traffic police officers during various protest programmes,” he said.

“Now, we can easily identify any culprit who is to be blamed for any accident, through the monitor at control room,” he said, adding: “It has also helped to investigate accidents and criminal activities.”

Khel Bahadur Thapa, ASI at the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s office, said: “We can easily monitor activities there and control the situation from the control room by instructing security personnel.”

“A camera can store its video records for five days; therefore, we can use those recorded videos as an evidence to find out facts while road accidents occur and to immediately catch culprits,” he said.

The CCTV cameras have also kept traffic police on alert as their activities can be closely monitored in control room and helped to taken action if necessary, Gurung added.

“With the CCTV cameras, criminal activities are being effectively controlled in the city, and we are planning to install it in all parts of the Valley within five years,” said Gurung. The 11 CCTV cameras and two monitors were installed at the cost of Rs 3.2 million.