CCWB urges child protection

Kathmandu, October 5

Central Child Welfare Board today urged District Child Welfare Board and all concerned to give special attention to child protection and child rights.

On October 2, six children aged between five and ten years were killed when a mound where they were digging for mud collapsed on them in Dododhara village of Kailali district.

Issuing a press statement here today, CCWB expressed deep condolence to the children who were killed in the cave-in and said that mud fetching activity is a very dangerous task thus children should not be given such risky assignments.

“If children have to be mobilised in such risky tasks, they should be monitored regularly by some adults,” it said. CCWB said that it was shocked to hear the news of death of children who had gone to fetch red mud in Kattipur, Dododhara-7, in order to daub their house walls and floors in the run-up to the Dashain festival.

Tarak Dhital, executive director of CCWB said in the statement, “It is normal to make children do small household tasks, but parents and guardians should be careful about the work children do. Work should be assigned to children considering their age and capacity of mind.”

“We would like to request guardians, family, society and all other concerned authorities to be alert while giving tasks to children,” added Dhital.

A child had died on the spot, while five others succumbed to injuries during treatment.