CDC publishes NCF draft

Bhaktapur, May 14

Curriculum Development Centre today published the draft of National Curriculum Format 2018 for suggestions from the public, in Bhaktapur.

The National Curriculum Format has been prepared in accordance with the federal structure. Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokhrel directed the CDC to publish the format during the meeting with CDC members with the aim of getting feedback.

According to Krishna Prasad Kapri, executive director at CDC, the design of the new curriculum for different school levels has been put forward to connect the union, states and local levels.

He informed that the reason behind modification of the curriculum was to provide the same quality of education in

all seven states of Nepal, including the local levels.

All community and private schools of the nation will be conducting classes based on books published according to new curriculum. The new curriculum will help to interconnect practical-learning of students with their theoretical course and it will not divert and separate the teaching-learning practices within the provincial states.

The curriculum of grade one to three will be designed with an integrated theme.

“The role of state, province and local levels has been defined in the course book,” he said.