CEC Pokhrel sees peace coming after CA elections

Madhyapur Thimi, June 17:

Chief Election Commissioner Bhojraj Pokhrel today said the country has sought to make Constituent Assembly the main medium to transform conflict into peace and prosperity, and time has come for the youths to take the lead on this.

Chief Election Commissioner Pokhrel said this while inaugurating the exhibition on Electoral System and CA Materials, organised by the Kathmandu School of Law.

The exhibition was organised with an objective of informing visitors about the constituent assembly election and related processes. CEC Pokhrel stressed on the importance of preparations for the CA elections by the political parties. “Preparations for CA election by any other sector has no meaning unless there is full preparation at the political level,” he said, adding that it would be shameful if the CA elections were not held by November.

He also urged the political parties to create an environment conducive for free and fair elections.

Educational institutions can be mobilised to inform people about the CA elections because there is a lot of confusion on the issue, even among the political leaders, he said, adding that the donors, too, should focus their programmes related to the constituent assembly elections, in the rural areas.

Executive Director of the Kathmandu School of Law, Yubaraj Sangraula said youths should be mobilised to make Nepal more prosperous by ending feudal traditions.