Lunchhen Nani Phalcha_Chabahal_Tangal_Patan

Lunchhen Nani Phalcha in Chabahal, Tangal of Patan is seen after the completion of its reconstruction in March 2017. The 349-year-old inn was destroyed by the Gorkha Earthquake 2015. Photo Courtesy: SAI Help Nepal
KATHMANDU: A 349-year-old pati (inn), Lunchhen Nani Phalcha in Chabahal, Tangal of Patan, destroyed by the Gorkha Earthquake 2015, has been handed over to the community after its reconstruction, on Thursday. Christiane Brosius, representative of Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Heidelberg, formally handed over the reconstructed pati to Shyam Gopal Maharjan, chief of the Chabahal Community Association, amid a function today. The community would do its best to ensure preservation and timely renovation of the pati, pledged the community chief Maharjan speaking at the programme, . Likewise, Brosius laid emphasis on the importance of preserving the culture of singing hymns by also preserving the patis. Researcher Rajendra Shakya outlined the history of the pati, saying that it was first built in 1668 AD and was later enlarged in 1712 AD. The reconstruction was carried out with the financial assistance from the Barbara and Wilfried Mohr Foundation, Hamburg via SAI Help Nepal of Heidelberg University in Germany. The dismantling of the pati had begun in August 2016 and the reconstruction was completed in March 2017. Mostly used by the elderly people for performing hymns and also for sitting, knitting or watching the life on the street or at the courtyard, the public rest house with the arcade was a key part of the social life until the earthquake incurred major damages to the structure.