KATHMANDU: Members of the review team of the ‘Minimum requirement for Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing Programme’ presented newly-revised requirements for PCL nursing programme on Thursday.

At a dissemination meeting organised by the Nepal Nursing Council (NNC), the review team members shed light on the newly-revised requirements.

Daya Laxmi Vaidya, the NNC president and a member of the review team, said, “The review was made to produce competent nurses.”

She said the teacher-student ratio for the nursing programme has been altered to 1:10 from the past ratio of 1:6. Earlier, five ropani and 10 ropani of land were required to open a nursing college in the valley and other parts of the country. Now on, four ropani of land will be required to open a nursing college, be it in the valley or any other part of the country. The revised programme has proposed that each nursing college enrol five per cent of students from South Asia.

Vijaya KC, a member of the Public Service Commission and the review team leader, said, “To bring unanimity in works and progress of nursing students, the team has designed a practical record book in which all students of all 39 PCL nursing colleges will record their works for three years of nursing education.”

According to team members, the requirements will be implemented after holding consultations with the government authorities concerned.