Hetauda, March 9

Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel today said that he was not in a position to do anything to solve the problems faced by employees at local levels.

Addressing a central gathering of Local Level Employees’ Milan Centre in Hetauda, Poudel admitted that he could not address the problems of local level employees as the provincial assembly was yet to formulate laws regarding management of employees. “I am having difficulty running my own office smoothly and I am in no position to address your problems any time soon,” he said.

Stating that the provincial government’s work has yet to begin, Poudel pledged to work sincerely once all the laws to run provincial government were formulated. CM Poudel sought support from employees to transform their agendas of economic progress and prosperity into reality.

“Employees’ support and role is inevitable to make the country dynamic and prosperous,” Poudel added. He stressed the need to make all rural municipalities and municipalities prosperous to make Province 3 prosperous.

At the programme, National Assembly member Ram Chandra Rai argued that local level employees had a major role in the development and prosperity of local levels.