Child labour and rights meet held

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 30:

The Concern for Children and Environment-Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) and Youth Society-Nepal (YSN), founding members of the National Alliance of Child Rights Organizations (NACRO), organised an interaction at Bharatpur, Chitwan, today in which 30 participants including journalists, rights activists and NGO representatives participated. Chairman of NACRO and CONCERN-Nepal, Bijaya Sainju, presented a working paper titled ‘Child rights and child labour problem in Nepal: Challenges and prospects’.

“Factors in rural settings like untouchability, low quality education, unfriendly education system, force children to migrate to urban settings,” said Sainju. “In the process, they develop into cheap, exploitable and compromising work force, to meet high demand in urban areas.” He also said that wrong and incomplete information about possible hazards that they might face in the cities contribute towards their exploitation. Chairman of Nepal Federation of Journalists, Chitwan, Bishnu Chhimeki, gave his observations on the paper and pointed out what more could be added. He suggested the government set up and manage child development centres.