Children’s Day venue shifted

Kathmandu, August 14:

The government has decided not to celebrate the 44th National Children’s Day on Bal Mandir premises, stating that ex-Queen Mother Ratna’s portrait was still hung at Bal Mandir’s hall.

The government made this decision after a few organisations working for children

expressed their discontentment and demanded that the portrait be removed, said Dharma Raj Shrestha, executive director of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB).

“This year’s Children’s Day will be celebrated at Bhrikuti Mandap on September 14,”

he said. Rajeshwore Niraula, director of Bal Mandir, said there was no official disagreement on this subject.

“Ex-Queen Mother Ratna is patron as well as former president of this organisation,” Niraula said.

He added that the ex-Queen Mother’s portrait was hung along with the portraits of six former presidents of Bal Mandir.