China condemns backing for Tibetans’ protests

Kathmandu, May 4:

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu today said that “an embassy in Nepal” and few human rights organisations are interfering with Nepal’s internal affairs and attempting to damage Sino-Nepal relations by pointing fingers on the measurers of Nepali authorities to deal with anti-China activities here.

“They say those protests by the Tibetans in Nepal were peaceful demonstrations. In fact, a few Tibetan independence organisations and their ringleaders, by organising and instigating the Tibetans who do not know the truth, attempted to storm Chinese embassy many times, damaged embassy’s buildings twice, and repeatedly attacked patriotic Tibetans, destroyed their houses and shops and threatened their safety,” a press release issued by spokesperson for Chinese embassy said.

The Free Tibet campaigners are not demonstrating peacefully as they are involved in acts of arson, vandalism and physical assaults aimed at disturbing and sabotaging Beijing Olympic games, the statement added.

“There are some people who always find fault with the human rights record in Tibet,” the release said, adding that Tibet has achieved great development in the past 50 years.