CIAA fiat to govt on cops’ sports activities

Kathmandu, July 16:

Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) today directed the government to fund sports activities in the police force.

In a statement, the CIAA said it decided to issue a directive to the government to this effect after holding consultations with the Home Secretary, the Inspector Generals of the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force on Sunday.

“The record of money spent on sports should be maintained in a transparent manner and no deductions shall be made on individual personnel’s salary without their consent,” the statement added.

The CIAA also directed the government to pay those personnel, who receive ration-allowances, in line with market prices and called the government to check the quality of ration provided to police personnel regularly.

The CIAA also asked the bodies concerned to forward complaints lodged by police personnel at their respective offices to the Police Headquarters.