City schools shut

Pre-sent up tests from today

Kathmandu, December 9:

Schools in the capital remained closed today at the call of Nepal Educational Republican Forum (NERF).

Pre-sent up examinations in private schools were scheduled to begin today. Because of the strike, the exams will begin tomorrow. “We changed the schedule at the last minute,” said Laksha Bahadur KC, general secretary of the PABSON, “They (the organisers) did not even inform us about the strike on time.”

He said that the PABSON was against the strike, but the schools under it remained closed. “We requested them to allow us to conduct the exams, but they did not agree,” he said.

The NERF had circulated a request to schoolteachers to take part in today’s sit-in at the south gate of Singha Darbar to pile pressure on the government to implement agreements with it.

The sit-in, launched at 12:30 pm, lasted till 3:00 pm, causing traffic jam in the capital.

“The government is delaying the implementation of the agreements reached in June,” said Nirendra Kunwar, president of the NERF.

Kunwar warned of a strong protest if the government does not implement the agreements.

Supporting the protest, Maoist whip Janardan Sharma, who was present at the venue of the sit-in, assured the demonstrators that he will raise the issue in the parliament.

Nepal Abhibhawak Sangh and Nepal Rastriya Abhibhawak Sangh also took part in the sit-in.

The NERF demands include making temporary teachers permanent following a selection process, giving appointment letters to the teachers working in institutional schools, provision of government facilities for non-teaching school staff and annulment of the company act governing the education sector.

Joint-secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) Laba Prasad Tripathi said, “The new regulation will address their demands. But it can be implemented only after the parliament passes it,” he said.

Tripathi said it was unfortunate they resorted to a school strike to push their demand.

He said the Ministry of Finance is studying the regulation, which will then be sent to the Ministry of Education and Sports. The MoES will table it in the parliament and it will become an act once the parliament endorses it. “This regulation will address all issues being raised so far,” Tripathi said.