Closure of schools worries HISSAN

Kathmandu, September 25

Higher Secondary Schools Association Nepal today appealed to all concerned to create an environment for academic institutions to run classes smoothly.

Issuing a press statement here today, HISSAN expressed serious concern about the closure of schools and colleges in the Tarai due to bandh and clashes between cadres of agitating political parties and security personnel.

It said academic activities have been obstructed since 42 days in eastern Tarai and 50 days in western Tarai due to continuous strikes.

“The bandh has affected the children’s studies. In the long run it will also have a psychological impact on them. This is very dangerous,” he added.

It further said that as the government has declared schools as a zone of peace, the agitating parties should respect the children’s right to education.

HISSAN also urged the agitating parties to stop damaging properties and using children in their protests. It has urged both the government and the agitating parties to resolve problems through dialogue.