Code of conduct for Nepali Army discussed

Kathmandu, November 20

The Nepali Army has started leadership dialogue to discuss the code of conduct for NA personnel.

The discussion was led by Chief of Army Staff Purna Chandra Thapa and attended by principal staff officers, head of departments and other high-ranking officers of the NA. They said the code of conduct should discourage exchange of gifts, corruption and nepotism in the organisation.

According to the Nepali Army, some of the commanders participated in the discussion through video conference from their respective offices.

“Earlier, directives have been issued to regulate the conduct of NA personnel. However, this is the first time we started discussion on implementing the code of conduct for NA personnel,” Spokesperson for the Nepali Army Gokul Bhandaree told to THT.  He said  the leadership dialogue would continue till  mid-March. “This is just a beginning. We will also prepare a draft of the code of conduct for NA personnel,” Bhandaree  said.

Security  expert Geja Sharma Wagle said that the proposed code of conduct would strengthen people’s trust in the security force.

Former major general Binoj Basnet said, “In American army,  they can only exchange gifts below the price of $10.”