College students indulge in ‘immoral activities’ in uniform

Bhaktapur, July 6

Kamal Pokhari in Bhaktapur has become a popular hangout for students. Dozens of college students bunk their classes and visit the pond in their uniform daily.

“Students come to the pond mostly in the morning,” said Tirtha Man Dumaru, chairman of Kamal Vinayak Temple Reform Committee. As per the code of conduct set by the Higher Secondary Education Board, students are not allowed visit cinema halls, parks, discos and parks in college uniform.

According to the DSP Shekhar Khanal, Metropolitan Police Range Bhaktapur, students were arrested only if found indulging in illegal and immoral activities. “We regularly send our inspection teams to visit such places to make sure that children below 18 do not indulge in illegal or immoral activities.

However, we cannot impose restrictions on them to visit Kamal Pokhari in their college uniform,” he added.

“Students, mostly couples, visit the place in their college uniform. Most of them indulge in immoral activities, but there is no one to control them,” said one of the vendors.

“Police inspect the area only in the evening, but there’s no one to control illegal and immoral activities in the pond in the morning.”