Con woman arrested

KATHMANDU: Police have arrested a woman who swindled the gold ornaments of fellow tenants, in Surya Binayak.

Police, acting on a tip-off, arrested Ambika Magar aka Smriti, 26, of Tinkanya-9, Sindhuli, currently residing in Jorpati, yesterday.

According to Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Magar had swindled the gold ornaments from Mina Suwal and Subita Tharu on the pretext of borrowing the jewellery to attend a wedding party in Bhaktapur on June 21.

“Her method of operation was befriending fellow tenants and borrowing their jewellery for one day on the pretence of having to attend a wedding party and decamping with their property,” MPCD said.

It had mobilised cops in civvies after the victims filed a fraud charge against Magar. She had shifted her rented room from Bhaktapur to Jorpati without informing the women who lent her their gold ornaments in an apparent bid to cheat the victims.

In a separate operation, MPCD nabbed Shambhu Raj Giri, 22, of Kavre, who burgled an apartment in Thamel on June 23. Officials said he had stolen 10 tola gold, Pound Sterling 1,800, Rs 30,000 and 2,400 US dollars.

He was held from the capital yesterday. Police have confiscated 14 silver and gold ornaments and pearls. Giri has been handed over to Metropolitan Police Range, Teku, to proceed with legal action.