Conflict victims, activists write to Swiss envoy

Kathmandu, December 14

A section of civil society, human rights activists and conflict victims today submitted a letter to Swiss Ambassador to Nepal Elisabeth Bon Capeller, expressing their dissatisfaction with the ‘so-called Bangkok meeting on transitional justice’ sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Nepal.

“It unfortunately undermined the basic norms of democracy, transparency, rule of law, human rights and justice,” reads the letter undersigned by 17 individuals, including Human Rights Organisation of Nepal Chairperson Indra Prasad Aryal.

“We are closely witnessing the ongoing political attempts to derail transitional justice process with an intention to ensure immunity for perpetrators from war crimes, crimes against humanity and other grave crimes. We, therefore, would like to sincerely request all member states of the United Nations, including Switzerland, to stand consistently for end to impunity and fulfilment of the victims’ right to truth, justice and reparation.”

The letter states that they would not endorse any activity supportive to perpetrators-driven transitional justice process, but were ready for genuine collaboration with any member of international community to promote, protect and ensure human rights and peace as per international standards.