Conservation workshop begins

Kathmandu, November 27

A two-day national workshop for district soil conservation officers ‘Mainstream Basin Approach for Integrated Water Management in Federal Nepal’ began in Kathmandu today.

The workshop was inaugurated by Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Shankar Bhandari amidst a programme organised by the Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme.

According to Director General of the department Bijaya Raj Poudyal, 61 district soil conservation officers are participating in the workshop. Minister Bhandari stressed on conserving soil and watershed in an integrated way. Regional forest directors are also participating .

DG Poudyal said major plans and programmes related to designating district conservation officers as environment inspectors and landslide hazard mapping will be part of the workshop.

Two weeks ago, the department had sent a file to the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation that noted the purpose of deputing all district soil conservation officers as environment inspectors.

The department had begun the move with the aim of stopping rampant destruction of land by landslides caused by mismanaged development work throughout the country.

The department said the plan to designate district conservation officers as environment inspectors was part of a long-term vision to make development works sustainable and balanced.

DG Poudyal said that construction work carried out without conducting environmental impact study have caused huge damage to roads, settlements, and fields in hilly areas of the country.

He said the environment inspectors would provide consultations on possible ecological disturbances before construction projects are designed to reduce damage to the environment.