Constitution amendment will give justice to all, says PM

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the next Constitution amendment would provide justice to all marginalised communities including Aadibasi Janajatis.

Receiving a delegation representing the Magar community at his residence in Baluwatar of Kathmandu on Monday, Dahal said attempts were underway to bring all parties to consensus so as to address concerns of Madhesis, Tharus and other ethnic groups.

He said the purported federal structure as mentioned in the Constitution had failed to properly divide regions of Tharus , Madhesi and Magars, assuring that the next amendment to the Constitution would correct that.

Meanwhile, Dahal said the government was committed to ensuring unity among people by incorporating sentiments of mountains, hills and plains.

During the meeting, the Magar delegation had demanded an autonomous Magarat state in the federal structure among others.