Correct your mistakes: NC to government

KATHMANDU: The main opposition party, Nepali Congress stated today that the party is unaware of any information on the cabinet's decision to give continuity to the hospitals named after its two former presidents, the late Girija Prasad Koirala and the late Sushil Koirala, under the federal government.

At a presser organised at the NC central office in Sanepa, party spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma said that media reports on the government decision has been noted but the party is yet to receive a formal information on the subject.

Sharma further informed the mediapersons that the party has begun preparations to conduct nation-wide protest programmes on February 4 against the government's indifferent attitude towards various issues of significance.

Leader Sharma added that the programmes were being launched to protest the government's ignorant attitude towards the agitating medical activist Dr Govinda KC and keeping the opposition at bay while deciding on matters of national significance.

Circling around Nirmala Panta's rape and murder case, the 33 kg gold-smuggling case, among other issues, Sharma said the demonstrations would also focus on government's failure to maintain security and order in the country, said Sharma.

Meanwhile, he added that NC's attention has been drawn to the news of 12 Nepali youths being held captive in Libya and has asked the government to take quick measures to bring the youths back home.

The main opposition party had obstructed the Federal Parliament proceedings recently in protests of the endorsement of the revised National Medical Education Bill, among other issues.