CPN Maoist Centre committed to youth leadership, says Bhusal

KATHMANDU:  CPN Maoist Centre spokesperson Pampha Bhusal has assured to promote youth and women leadership for the upcoming local level elections.

Bhusal said so on Monday, while addressing a delegation representing the YOUthVoteNepal campaign, a joint initiative of various youth organisations launched to promote youths’ concerns in elections.

The ruling party spokesperson also made her commitment not to mobilise  school children during the electioneering.

Bhusal, a former minister, said that the Maoist Centre would make efforts to form a Youth Ministry at the provincial level and a youth desk at the local level in order to promote youth leadership and participation.

The campaigners demanded that youth should be prioritised in candidacy during the upcoming polls. Likewise, they demanded a due prioritisation of youths’ issues including employment and self-employment and more budget allocation in youth-focused programmes in election manifestoes of the party.

The YOUthVoteNepal campaign was launched to carry out advocacy on youths’ agendas during the upcoming local elections. As many as 13 youth-led organisations are constituents of the campaign; including Yuwalaya, Achel Natya Samuha, Glocal Khabar, Sathi Sanga Manka Kura radio programme, We for Change, Yuwa, YAV Nepal, Sirjansil Samaj Nepal, Youth Initiative, Active Youth Society, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal and Dynamic Youth Forum.