CPN-MC ministers not to quit, party won’t withdraw support to govt

Kathmandu, October 14

The CPN-Maoist Centre has decided not to withdraw its support to the government or recall its ministers.

A meeting of the CPN-MC Secretariat today concluded that the government was formed with the aim of conducting elections and the party should not run away from its responsibility.

Concluding that government expansion just ahead of the elections was violation of the polls code of conduct, the party decided it had to remain in the government to ensure successful elections, according to CPN-MC leader Pampha Bhushal.

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had inducted eight ministers from Rastriya Prajatantra Party into the government yesterday.

The Nepali Congress, however, said since the CPN-MC had breached the agreement with the NC while forming the government by joining forces with the CPN-UML, it had lost moral ground to continue to be part of this government.

NC leader Bal Krishna Khand said RPP was inducted into the government to garner majority and that the CPN-MC had to exit the government. “How can a party enjoy the facility as part of the government and be in the opposition at the same time?” he questioned. Khand said the CPN-MC should either quit the government and continue its alliance with the UML, or stay in the government and break its alliance with the UML.

He, however, said the NC had not held internal consultations on its next move after the CPN-MC’s decision to remain in the government. “We will soon convene a meeting to discuss this issue and come up with a practical, political and constitutional decision,” he said.

The CPN-UML said the prime minister’s move expanding the Cabinet just ahead of elections was a violation of election code of conduct, and expelling the CPN-MC from the government would be another breach of the election code.

“PM Deuba has been making one immoral move after another. People are watching and they will give their answer through their vote,” said UML leader Yogesh Bhattarai.

Regarding whether the NC should ask the CPN-MC to exit the government, Bhattarai said it was a matter for the two parties to settle.

The CPN-MC meeting also discussed candidates to be included in the list for Proportional Representation system. “We will finalise the list by tomorrow morning and submit it to the Election Commission,” said Bhushal.