CPN MC Chair Dahal says he proposed unity with UML

KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has revealed that he was the one from the party to float the proposal of unity with the CPN-UML.

Addressing political orientation for the party's politburo today, Dahal further informed that Vice-Chairman of UML Bam Dev Gautam brought forth the unity proposal and the parties reached the conclusion that they could be unified after forging electoral alliance.

"We were aware that the socialist revolution could not be materialised with slow pace. UML was also for taking the leftist movement in a new way, thereby resulting in the formation of unity committee," he shared before the party politburo members.

He also reminded that that several round of talks were held with UML leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal for the unity between the Maoist and the UML.

Chairman Dahal further argued that only leftist polarisation could help people achievement their feat.

Current efforts for the unity, though doubted from various angles, would result in the welfare of Nepal and the Nepalis, he underscored.

Recalling that the party had received proposal from the CPN UML for an electoral alliance since the local level elections, he said the proposal could not be materalised as both parties failed to find a consensus on the matter of sharing equal seats in four metropolises.

He said they were in the mission of launching the revolution for socialism by bringing all communist forces scattered throughout the country together.

"The world Communist movement is in the defensive position. But the communist parties in Nepal have much public support and trust which should not be let die. The socialist revolution in Nepal is possible only by bringing Communists on different streams to a single board," added Dahal.

According to him, the communist parties of Nepal have geared up for the unification with the dedication to go for the revolution for socialism.

"Three political parties have their own assumptions, beliefs and perceptions. Unity is not possible by standing on them. We ourselves in the process of transformation and a new message can be send to the world only by transforming the communist movement and the entire nation," Dahal said during orientation.

Also speaking on the occasion, Maoist Center leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the alliance among the communist parties capable of serving the interest of the nation.

Communist parties dividing into small groups could never achieve the goal of socialism. There was no alternative for them to uniting to meet the goal. The leftist unity and collaboration was in the interest of the nation and people and it needed guts to implement it.

Another leader Ram Bahadur Thapa said the leftist alliance was not for losing self existence by the CPN UML) and CPN MC as rumoured outside. "Instead, it is for building new principles for revolution and forming a new political party by rising above self perceptions and assumptions."

Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Dev Gurung, Barshaman Gurung, Matrika Yadav, Pampha Bhusal, Lekhraj Bhatta and Hitman Shakya said that leaders were expected to take risk to change the face of the nation and living standard of the people.