CPN-UML chair addresses citizens on Martyrs' Day

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli — expressing that people have given the left alliance responsibility of the new era in Nepali politics — has called on all the fellow citizens on the occasion of Martyrs' Day to lend support to the mega campaign of building a prosperous nation.

The UML chair shared this today through a statement marking the Martyrs' Day. He also paid tributes to the known and unknown martyrs of the democratic movement.

Chair Oli expressed gratefulness toward the people for their faith in the left alliance, and also shared the commitment of the left alliance toward respecting and implementing that faith. He also added that the UML and Maoist Centre have forged an alliance to address people's aspirations of achieving political stability, social justice and equality, national sovereignty and self-esteem, social harmony and prosperity.

"The democratic republicanism has been established in Nepal with the sacrifices of the martyrs and Nepalis have now become sovereign with the promulgation of the constitution by the Constituent Assembly," the UML Chairman and former Prime Minister stated.

He has also recalled the sacrifices made by the martyrs for attaining the political, social and judicial rights for the nation.

Chair Oli stressed that attaining the goal of 'Happy Nepalis, Prosperous Nepal' would be a true tribute to the martyrs.