CPN-UML not for govt reshuffle, says minister

Kathmandu, November 10:

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prithvi Subba Gurung said today that the CPN-UML is not ready for government reshuffle.

“One should not be confused. We did not propose for an amendment to the constitution in the parliament to check our strength. We were just taking part in a democratic process,” he said at a programme at the Reporters’ Club.

He added that the Maoists have come to the UML’s agenda and they will have to help the government hold the election if they really want “salvation in the long run”.

He added that after having the “unconstitutional” proposals from the Maoists in the parliament, they may again try to derail the peace process by boycotting the parliament itself. Other political parties now have a major responsibility to skillfully keep the Maoists with the process till “the last target” is achieved, he said.

“If the problem persists, we have to choose one of the alternatives — either to hold the election with the Maoists or without them. And we all know, events cannot wait for one party. Anything is possible without the Maoists if they are really not serious to join the election,” he said. Minister Gurung said Nepal Sambat should be recognised by the government as Nepal’s national calendar.