CMC handed over to govt

Kathmandu, June 19

The US Mission in Nepal, in a ceremony today, handed over the Regional Crisis Management Centre to the Government of Nepal and commenced special bilateral operations training exercise “Balance Nail 17-3” at the Chhauni Barracks in Kathmandu.

The US-funded RCMC, an $1.8 million facility, constructed in the heart of Kathmandu, was developed through the cooperation of the US Embassy’s Office of Defence Cooperation.

The project directly enhances Nepal’s ability to coordinate during emergency response situations, facilitates communication with the National Emergency Operations Centre and provides assistance to the affected population, in both man-made and natural disasters, stated a press release issued by the  US Embassy.

The RCMC and warehouse are part of the larger network of infrastructure being constructed throughout the country providing safe locations for relief efforts and food distribution. The project was completed in partnership with the GoN with assistance from the US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters and Himalayan Builders.

During the ‘Balance Nail’ drill, the Nepal Mahabir Rangers and US Special Operations teams were jointly trained on preparation, mitigation, and response to humanitarian and disaster response emergencies in rural and mountainous terrains. This training also builds the Nepali Army’s ability to work with government bodies, civilians, NGOs, and INGOs in events of crisis in Nepal and while on UN Peacekeeping Operations abroad.

The US Mission remains committed to support government efforts in disaster preparedness and crisis response, the release read.

The RCMC will play an important role in maximising the effectiveness of Nepal’s disaster response capabilities, while exercises like “Balance Nail 17-3” will strengthen the ability of Nepali security forces to respond.

Bilateral training between the US Army Special Forces and the Nepal Mahabir Rangers has roots spanning over a decade.