Current weather pattern likely to persist for a couple of days

Kathmandu, October 29

Different parts of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley, today received post-monsoon showers due to depression over the Arabian sea.

Meteorologist Subash Rimal at the Meteorological Forecasting Division said weather pattern of this kind usually occur during the post-monsoon period. The months of October and November are classified under the post-monsoon months.

“Westerly trough has been advancing towards the eastern region through the western and central regions. Cloud system over the Arabian Sea brought rain to Nepal with the formation of low pressure system,” he informed.

The mass of cloud over the Mediterranean Sea, Pakistan and Afghanistan had also an impact on the current weather pattern of Nepal. Rimal said the weather is expected to improve in the eastern and central regions Saturday morning onwards.

According to the MFD, Dang meteorological station recorded the highest rainfall with 18.8 mm followed by Pokhara (17.7 mm), Lumle (15.4) and Kathmandu (13.8 mm) in last 24 hours as of 8:45 am today.

It will generally be cloudy in the western region and mostly cloudy in the eastern and central regions. Brief rain or thundershowers are possible at some places of the eastern hilly region and at one or two places of the central and western hilly regions.

There are chances of light to moderate snowfall at a few places of the eastern and central high mountainous regions.