Dad of premature baby says he surfed net for evidence

KATHMANDU: Deepak Parajuli, father of the premature baby born at the Om Hospital and Research Centre said there was a slim hope that his baby would survive

The baby was born three months ahead of the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) on January 1, 2010 and weighed 840 gm. The new born baby, who is now 1920 gm, stunned the doctors, who said it had begun to adjust with the environment.

Parajuli recalled that the doctors attending to his wife Rita Parajuli were not much hopeful about saving the life of the child but has assured that the mother would be safe. "I had only a slim hope at that time," shared the excited father.

I also surfed the net one day and found that there were other similar cases who have survived.

“I came to the hospital and shared this information with the doctors. But the doctors brushed aside my optimism and said the case could be possible only in developed countries having modern equipment,” said Parajuli.

Dr Rita Singh, a doctor attending Rita, said the child was kept at neonatal intensive care unit and had been given intensive care.

"We faced hardships for balancing every element to make the child survive," said Singh, adding that they were successful at last.

“We worked on the theory of 'hoping against the hope' for making the child survive and it turned out to be miraculous,” shared Singh.

Singh said that they had to keep the child in ventilator for some days and had to give food intravenously. Dr Bhola Rijal, chairperson of the hospital, claimed that it was for the first time in the country's history that the premature-born baby survived.

The premature-born child normally can not adopt the environment and die but the child is easily adopting in the external environment, he added.

“Nepal is now able to provide 95 per cent of the treatment in the country,” viewed Rijal urging the government to create favourable climate for the development of public health institutions.