Dahal, Baidhya expedite unity talks

Kathmandu, November 28

After Baburam Bhattarai’s unexpected exit from the party, Unified CPN-Maoist has expedited talks with the CPN-Revolutionary Maoist for unification.

Sources claimed that the ongoing talks on unification has gained a new height with the two parties preparing to narrow down differences.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and party general secretary Krishna Bahadur Mahara have been holding extensive talks with CPN-RM Chairman Mohan Baidhya and general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa for unification.

CPN-RM secretary Dev Gurung, however, said they have yet to forge consensus on various issues. CPN-RM had submitted a six-point proposal for unification, but the UCPN-M has said it does not agree with the point on changing the party’s political line.

UCPN-M says that the movement for new people’s democracy is over but CPN-RM has said the movement is not yet over.

Similarly, the two parties are also at odds over the new constitution promulgated by the Constituent Assembly as CPN-RM had boycotted the CA election.

UCPN-M treasurer and Minister for Agriculture Development Haribol Gajurel said UCPN-M has said the constitution is relatively progressive, while CPN-RM claims it is regressive.

However, sources claimed that the top leaders engaged in dialogue have been working to find a middle path to patch up differences. Gajurel said unification of the two parties could take some time.

General Secretary of Revolutionary Communist Party-Nepal Mani Thapa said his party and Matrika Yadav led CPN (Maoist) were also preparing to merge with the UCPN-M. “We don’t have major differences in ideology. So it would be easier for us to merge,” said Thapa.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been preparing his political document for the upcoming Central Committee meeting scheduled for December 1. The CC meeting was postponed after party secretary Barshaman Pun fell ill and was taken to India for treatment.

According to Dahal’s personal secretary Chudamani Khadka, he would focus on the unification with like-minded parties, existing crisis and the party’s plans ahead.