Kathmandu, February 8

Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN-Revolutionary-Maoist (CPN-RM) Chairman Mohan Baidhya have been engaged in vigorous discussions to narrow down ideological differences.

Claiming that the national and international political scenario has forced all the Maoist parties to stand united besides the urging from the party cadres, top leaders of the two Maoist parties have engaged themselves.

“On February 3, chairpersons and general secretaries of the two parties discussed for the third time the ideological differences,” said Mani Thapa, general secretary of Revolutionary Communist Party, who is closely watching the developments unfolding and campaigning for unity among Maoist forces.

Both Mani Thapa-led RCP and Matrika Yadav-led CPN-Maoist are also ready to join the move as soon as the two major factions take a concrete decision to unite.

Thapa and Yadav are also in constant touch with UCPN-M Chairman Dahal.

Sources claimed that top leaders of the two parties have been discussing finding a middle path to manage the ideological differences.

The most contrasting differences between the two parties are: UCPN-M claims the revolution for new people’s democracy had got over and the nation was heading towards socialism, but CPN-Revolutionary Maoist does not accept that and claims the revolution for new people’s democracy is not over yet.

Another difference among them is the new constitution  UCPN-M takes it as progressive development, but CPN-Revolutionary Maoist calls it regressive.

To resolve this debate, the top leaders have been discussing developing a middle path to move towards socialism by completing the new people’s democratic revolution.

The top leaders have been discussing managing this conflict without mentioning whether the new constitution was progressive or regressive.

CPN-RM secretary Dev Gurung also said there has been efforts to narrow down differences for party unity.

Thapa said as soon as the top leaders forge an agreement on ideological differences, they would dig into the issues of organisational setting.

Currently a few leaders including Vice-Chairman of CPN-Revolutionary Maoist C P Gajurel have been opposing the initiation for party unity.

The recent secretariat meeting of the Baidhya-led party also decided in favour of party unity, but only after managing the differences they have.

Recently, the UCPN-M spokesperson revealed that both the chairpersons have been preparing joint political documents to iron out existing differences and pitch the way for party unity.

However, due to Baidhya’s bad health, all the efforts have been delayed. Thus their target of declaring their unity efforts on February 13  the People’s War Day  is now sure to be missed.