Dahal breaks fast

Kathmandu, August 26:

Birendra Dahal, adviser to HBC FM, who was on a fast-unto-death for the past 14 days to protest the intervention in press freedom, broke his fast this afternoon.

Dahal ended his fast after senior ministers from the ruling eight-party alliance, including Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat and Information and Communications Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara expressed commitment that no political party or their affiliates will interfere in press freedom. Dahal had launched the fast-unto-death at Sanchargram on the premises of the Press Council Nepal on August 12 after the Maoist-affiliated Ganatantrik Radio Workers’ Forum forced the HBC FM off the air by padlocking the administration, news and programme production rooms of the radio station.