Dalit CA members vow to fight for rights of their community

Kathmandu, May 13:

Four Maoist constituent assembly members belonging to the Dalit community vowed today that they would raise the voice of Dalits during the new constitution drafting process.

Addressing a felicitation programme organised here today, Maoist constituent assembly member Tilak Pariyar said all the Dalit constituent assembly members should unitedly fight for the rights of their community, vowing that they would even disobey party’s whip if necessary.

“Untouchability should be declared a crime against humanity,” he said, adding that proportionate representation, not reservation, could empower the marginalised group.

Manav Utthan Samaj felicitated Dalit constituent assembly members Pariyar, Durgi Paswan, Santosi Biswakarma and Tej Bahadur Mijar.

All of the honoured members represent the CPN-Maoist.

On the occasion, Biswakarma said she would try her best to protect the interests of marginalised groups in the constitution-making process no matter what obstacles she would have to face in the constitution-making body.

Another honoured CA member, Durgi Paswan, said that the Dalit constituent assembly members were shouldered with a heavy task of empowering their community and should always work for the welfare of their community. He also promised to work for the Dalit community.

Member of Gandharba Art and Culture Accademy Raj Kumar Gandharba said there were still some Dalit groups that were left out of the constituent assembly and the government while nominating 26 members to the constituent assembly should try to accommodate those communities.

Member of Nepal Free Dalit Student Association Ram Nepali said Dalits would take to the streets if their leaders’ voices were not heard in the constituent assembly.