DAOs instructed to make CCTV camera use systematic

Kathmandu, December 4

The Law and Order, and Arms and Ammunition Section under the Ministry of Home Affairs earlier this week issued a circular to all 57 district administration offices to implement and cause to implement the CCTV Camera Installation and Operation Procedure, 2015.

“All DAOs has been tasked with implementing the procedure prepared to make systematic the use of surveillance cameras to control crimes and maintain law and order,” read the circular.

A ministerial-level decision of November 11 had approved the procedure. Officials said the new law was introduced to regulate the use of CCTV cameras as it was being used widely without any statutory framework.

Apart from its use by security agencies in sensitive areas to control criminal activities, businesses and private houses have also been using it for security purposes.

The procedure classifies use of surveillance cameras into three groups public security, commercial security and private security.

Concerned government agencies will be allowed to install CCTV cameras for security of citizens, public property, prisons, airports, cultural heritage sites, vital installations, diplomatic missions and traffic management by obtaining prior-approval from the MoHA.

They will be required to keep CCTV footage highly confidential.

“CCTV footage will not be allowed to be used for business purpose through modification or any other means. The footage should be kept safely for at least three months from the date of visualisation,” reads the procedure.

It also prohibits the use of CCTV cameras to violate privacy and human rights of the citizens.