Day 101: Protest programme today for Nirmala

KATHMANDU: On the 101st day since Nirmala Panta's rape and murder, seeking justice for the 13-year-old, yet another protest programme is being held in the capital today.

The protest is being organised by the citizens' initiative #JusticeForNirmala. Today's protest is unique where a DNA test and blood donation programme is being organised to nudge the state to be active in finding the culprit(s) and delivering justice to Nirmala.

Rights activists, individuals, representatives from various organisations and institutions, and citizens at large will gather in front of Hotel Everest in Baneshwar to participate in the DNA test and blood donation in order to "help the government in their process of investigation", which quite evidently seems to be going nowhere on their own.

The programme is being held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The protest is part of a larger national campaign against rape that uses #JusticeForNirmala #JusticeForAllRapeVictims #RageAgainstRape #NoOneKilledNirmala for awareness and coming together as a nation to fight violence against women.